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Counselling / Psychotherapy

Gain insight into your feelings and manage them effectively. Achieve mental wellness through tailored therapy sessions.

Nursing Consultation / Navigation

Personalized guidance to navigate either your or your family's healthcare situations and / or choices with ease.


Distance energy session to support relaxation, grounding, and well-being. Energy is transferred to the client through a series of hand placements.

Struggling with health issues and need guidance?

Find your path to wellness with Caring Heart Wellness Therapy Services.

At Caring Heart Wellness, you are working with a highly skilled Registered Nurse who is dedicated to helping you navigate your health journey.

I provide personalized empathetic care encompassing counselling, psychotherapy, nursing consultation or navigation, and Reiki.

Services are delivered online which reduces the need for individuals to travel to a clinic site.  Caring Heart Wellness is the perfect place for you to start your journey towards better health and well-being.


Meet Jane van de Ven, RN, your well-being guide

A seasoned nurse, empathic counsellor, and devoted Reiki practitioner.

Jane, a healthcare veteran with 30 years of experience, is the heart and soul of Caring Heart Wellness Therapy Services. Her multifaceted expertise, lifelong learning attitude, and personal journey inspire her compassionate, client-centered approach. Connect with Jane to navigate your wellness journey.


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Get Custom Treatment

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